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Cycling experience

The cycling experience is made for policy makers and infrastructure planners who want to get inspiration on how to improve the bicycle infrastructure. Therefore Beverbike offers two cycling experiences at two different locations in the Netherlands. One in Rotterdam and one in Houten combined with Utrecht. Want to know more about the cycling experience or want to make an appointment contact us for more information.

City scan

The city scan gives you in one day advise on how to improve the cycling facilities in your city. The city scan exists first of a discussion on the bicycle policy in your city and of secondly of a cycle tour in your city in which spots will be noticed for improvement. Above all, the outcome of the city scan will help you to increase the share of cyclists in the modal split.

Company scan

Want to get your employees coming by bike to the office or to get mobility advice on a more sustainable mobility policy within your company. Beverbike offers the Company scan in which companies are helped to get employees mobile in a more sustainable way.

About us

Company profiel

Beverbike is your first address for bicycle mobility. We show, rethink and consult you on how to make cycling more attractive. Our goal is to have safe and comfortable bicycle infrastructure available for everyone. We are based in the Netherlands the number one country in bicycle infrastructure. Therefore we are best informed about the newest innovations around cycling and bicycle infrastructure. 


We know cycling has many advantages. It is cheaper than public transportation and the car. Cyclists are healthier, the bicycle has a lower environmental impact and uses less space. A better bicycle policy leads to a better quality of life. We see cities and villages where everyone cycles, with more place to live.


Quality of life is important to us, therefore we do not only consult you to get a more sustainable mobility policy, but also in our work we try to be as sustainable as possible. When we have a business meeting, we use the bike as much as possible, for longer distances we use public transportation. We use as little paper as possible and we separate our waste.


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